Look at these raptors~!   LOOK AT THEM!   ~grabby hands~
I must confess…I’m crossing fingers and toes that character models aren’t the only visual update.   Some of the original ground rides need it just as badly.   Please let these be models to update those rides!

New loading screens:

Top: All the dudes are lookin awesome, but Sylvannas is in a little bit of an awkward pose (intentional boobie highlighting maybe?).   As the only girl in the pic I’m a little sad she’s the one that came off awkward.   

Bottom:  DAMN Gallywix looks evil/creepy/sleezy!   Give whomever drew that goblin a cookie!  Vol’jin is his usual epic self.   <3

Arakkoa models!  THEY LOOK AWESOME!

It’s really the movement quality that just nails it for me though.   There’s a vid over on MMO Champion showing the movement previews.

I love it so much I’m going to make that ‘ever so typical’ whine that I want to play one.   I do.   I seriously freakin do want to be a kickass RAPTOR!